Saturday, June 4, 2011

Issues: Unclear Land Borders

A proposed industrial park in the Northern city of Terrace has the Tsimshian people up in arms. The Tsimshian and Metlakatla tribes claim the land in question has been part of traditional Tsimshian life for centuries. The B.C Government intends to transfer the ownership of the land to the city of Terrace. The Tsimshian people claim an industrial park will infringe on their territory and negatively impact their quality of life. Currently a level of aboriginal approval is needed for projects slated for Crown Lands. The Allied Tsimshian tribes filed a request with the government that stated they had interest in the land and that they were opposed to construction.
The government is not eager to discuss land matters when they infringe upon and stall development projects that would increase local economy.
I think the policy that the government must discuss future developments on aboriginal land is fair and democratic but if their were clearer land borders for the Tsimshian people than the whole problem would evaporate. The government needs to address the issue of unclear land borders. If they procrastinate than problems like the Terrace Industrial Park occur and drain time and money from the government. Clear land borders would foster trust and confidence in the Tsimshian people. They have their own lives to lead and constant B.C government development proposals strain the relationship between the two groups. If the B.C government set aside a review committee to resolve this problem than they would never run the risk of building on Tsimshian land again. This would be a mutually beneficial arrangement for the Tsimshian, the local residents and the B.C Government.

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